Fredgies: Front-Wedgie Proof Thong - Regular waist

No more camel toes or lip slips! Our discreetly padded, seamless and ultra comfortable thong will be your crotch's new best friend.
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Introducing our revolutionary Front Wedgie Proof G-string, Fredgies.

Our camel toe proof g-string is ideal for active and everyday wear, particularly when you're wearing tight-fitting jeans, skirts or leggings. The perfectly cushioned gusset prevents any uncomfortable 'front wedgies,' while the seamless and breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Unlike traditional thongs, our product features a wider gusset that provides extra coverage and support, ensuring that you never have to worry about getting a front wedgie. 


Nylon and spandex mix with a cotton lined gusset and cotton spacer fabric.

SIZING CHART (cm): If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Why choose Fredgies?

After a year of product development and 10,000 happy crotches, we have perfected our front-wedgie proof design! Designed with your crotch in mind, you will LOVE Fredgies!

Buy 3 and save $11!

Designed with your crotch in mind, Fredgies will become your perfect accessory for every outfit!

Treat your crotch!

Fredgies are loved by all...except the gym creeps (they're not too happy with us - sorry not sorry).

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
great!!! def recommend

i bought these because i play volleyball and i hate getting a camel-toe and these have stopped it completely!! ive even worn them for 10+ hours and they havent failed once. def recommend :)

V-waist Fredgies

I love my fredgies so much! Perfect for the gym. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in these. I love not having to keep doing gusset checks anymore!!! I can’t wait to buy more when they come back in stock ❤️ The customer service is great as well, lovely business woman 🫶


These work, I do however wish the "string" part of the game strung was a little longer, maybe like 2cm. This is probably because I'm lanky.

So comfortable

I don't wear alot of g strings, I have sensory sensitivities...
But I have these pants that I love and are not super comfortable in the crutch.
I saw this product a while a go and brought it on impulse.
I wanted to say I wore them yesterday and completely forgot I was wearing them. They were so comfortable. And they made my uncomfortable pants perfect. So now I have cute pants I can wear and a comfortable g strings I can wear with heaps of other things.

Bye bye 🐫

After having a baby and becoming more swollen these fredgies have saved my life when wearing tights! 100/100 recommend

So comfortable and perfect for working out

I have been looking for suitable underwear for ages, which doesn't show through my tights. I'm so glad I've finally found these - they're comfortable enough that I don't feel like I'm constantly adjusting during my workouts. I need to get more now!


What size should I get?

Our products are true to size! Please refer to the sizing chart under the description. If you would like a narrower gusset, we recommend sizing down. If you would like a wider gusset, we recommend sizing up.

Do you offer refund & exchanges?

Yes, even if you purchase something on sale! Please refer to our refund & exchange policy.

When will you be restocking my size?

We estimate that our next restock will occur in May but we will likely open up pre-orders before hand.

Best places to wear Fredgies?

Fredgies are designed to be light & breathable, perfect for use at any time! Unlike period underwear, you do NOT feel like you are wearing a nappy! The seamless & invisible appearance allows for comfort without the bulk.

Our customers love wearing their Fredgies to their:

  • Gym
  • Dance class
  • Gymnastics
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Clubs
  • Work
  • Horse riding
  • Any time they wear jeans