Why choose Fitt Haven bodysuits?

Our bodysuits are designed with your crotch in mind. We have removed the crotch buttons and created a world's first adjustable back!

Comfortable & reliable!

Have you ever experienced your bodysuit crotch buttons randomly popping open? If you haven't, count yourself lucky! These clasps on the back are not only super comfortable, they will not pop open!

The bodysuit you can wear everywhere!

Whether you're going to the gym, office, clubs or shops...this bodysuit is perfect for you!


I have a long/ short torso will this work for me?

Definitely! We have created a short/medium torso version and a medium/ tall torso version. Both options are also adjustable to fit to your perfect torso length.

Rule of thumb: If you never think about your torso length - you are probably a regular torso.

Can you see the clasp underneath tight clothing?

You can hardly see the clasp at all underneath your tight clothing. Check out our videos above to see what this bodysuit looks like paired with different types of clothing.

Can I wear low rise with this bodysuit?

Absolutely! You will not be able to see the clasp when wearing low rise bottoms.

Does your bodysuit snatch my waist?

Definitely! Our bodysuit is designed to snatch your waist and flatter your body.

Will the hook unclasp if I am dancing?

No! Unlike bodysuits with buttons on the crotch, your bodysuit will not move! You can rest assured knowing it is locked in place.

Is this bodysuit meant to be worn at gym?

You can wear our bodysuit pretty much anywhere! It is perfect for the gym, work, shopping, partying etc. Designed with high quality fabric, removable padding and a patent-pending closure - you will feel comfortable and gorgeous every time you wear it!

Can I wear this if I am pregnant?

Yes! If you are pregnant we recommend sizing up and opting for the 'tall torso' version.

How narrow is the gusset?

We have specifically designed the gusset to be nice and wide. No more 'front wedgies!'