5 Tips to Prevent Camel Toe

You are probably all too familiar with the dreaded camel toe. Whether you are at the gym, at the shops or even at work - there is nothing worse than having to pick out front wedgies! We have come up with five easy tips to help you prevent camel toes completely!

1. Avoid front seams

We have all been personally victimised by a front seam on our leggings before. As a fitwear brand that sells leggings and shorts, we can confirm that front seams are NOT necessary at all. Always opt for bottoms that have a seamless crotch!

2. Wear undies with a wider crotch

Our underwear can often encourage a camel toe. If you are experiencing lip slips or fidn yourself picking your undie out front the front - it's time to find undies with a wider crotch!

3. Wear Front-Wedgie Proof Thongs

We have created revolutionary seamless underwear to stop all camel toes! With a discreetly padded gusset, not even the meanest front seam can get to you!

4. Choose shorts that don't ride up

Have you noticed that gym shorts often give a worse camel toe than leggings? This is often caused by the shorts riding up. Make sure to choose your gym shorts wisely!

5. Stay clear of lighter coloured fabric

If you are in a pinch and don't have a pair of Fredgies on you to wear...pop on a pair of black shorts or leggings! Dark colours are a lot more forgiving.

Say goodbye to your camel toe because with these tips, you will be front-wedgie free! Make sure to check out our camel toe proof underwear.